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This is a long (almost 15 minutes) video of a trip to Crystal Lake on the San Gabriel Mountains to the North of the Greater Los Angeles area. The first and last sections of the video show parts of the wonderful Glendora Mountain Road (watch for bicycles and cars if you ever ride there). The actual itinerary was Mt. Baldy Rd. to Glendora Ridge Rd to Glendora Mountain Rd. to East Fork Rd. to San Grabriel Canyon Rd. (39). The camera was a GoPro HD Hero mounted on the helmet. I used a 8 Gb card and got a little over 2 hours of footage at a resolution of 960p (1280 x 960). I processed the video with iMovie on a Mac. The actual movie straight from the camera was crispier.The music is from the Argentine band Tonelec (can be purchased on line here in the US).