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Lucas, Lucía and I arrived in Argentina today. Long, long trip with a 12-hour delay in Miami (due to a flight cancellation courtesy of American Airlines).  It is a beautiful summer day! We brought a lot of farkles, including some big items (crashbars, rack, pelican cases, seat, windshield), for the new bike I am purchasing here.  Everything that we carried for the bike seems to have survived the trip. My brother picked us up at the Ezeiza Airport, and we drove to our town, General Las Heras, located approximately 70 kilometers from Buenos Aires.  After dropping Lucas, Lucía and the luggage in Las Heras, Adrián and I drove to Buenos Aires to get the new KLR from the Kawasaki dealer (CASLA Motos). I was surprised to see that the manual that came with the bike is in English. Tough luck for non English speakers huh?! We brought the motorcycle back to our town on the flatbed of Adrián’s Amarok pickup truck.  Everything is black on the new model (engine, tire rims, handlebars). I like it although I know the dirt is really going to show. The odometer reads 1 mile. I want to put the crashbars before start riding.