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Since my arrival to Argentina all I have done (besides eating and sleeping) is to work on the bike with the help of my brother Adrián. I want to give this motorcycle the same farkles that I chose for my Californian bike (the positive side of Kawasaki’s decision to keep the KLR 650 virtually unchanged for so many years). Between yesterday and today we installed SW Motech Crashbars, a Madstad 20″ Adventure shield, a Sargent seat, and a PackRat Touring rack for the Pelican 1550 cases. We also installed a 48″ Powerlet Heavy Duty SAE Battery lead that runs under the tank all the way to the front of the bike.  This cable feeds a cigarette socket placed under the left fairing.  My old Garmin Nuvi 780 (cannot afford a Zumo) sitting on a RAM mount will be connected to the cigarette socket.

The PackRat rack deserves special mention.  In order to fit the rack in my luggage, Mark Laven (the very accommodating maker of the PackRat) built my rack in three pieces (right side, left side, and the connecting rear tube). Thus, unlike the PackRat racks sold in the US, mine had to be welded. To make the welding easier and the rack stronger, Mark installed slugs in the rear section. We installed the rack on the motorcycle, tack welded the rear section in place, removed the rack, and fully welded it on the bench. We then cleaned the grease off the tubes with some nasty product courtesy of Alejandro “el turco” Aon (friend and welder of “Metalúrgica El Beduino”), rinsed the whole rack with water, and gave it several coats of heat resistant flat black spray paint. Thanks to the excellent work of Mark and el turco, you cannot tell this rack from the original. The Pelicans are now installed and they look great.