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With the help of our nephew Nicolás “Nico” Farah and his 11-year old nephew Marcos Clavero, we worked on Adrián’s bike to replace the 2-year old oil, oil filter, and the fuel filter. My son Lucas was in charged of the photography. The R1150GS fuel filter is located inside the gas tank so the work was not trivial. To remove the tank several rubber hoses had to be disconnected. We emptied out the gas tank and removed the fuel pump plate. Two additional hoses (fuel overflow and vent) were disconnected and the old fuel filter and O-ring were replaced.  We took advantage of the fact that we had good access to the electrical system to install a line from the battery to a cigarette lighter socket at the front of the bike. Adrián is planning to use it for the GPS. We also installed a new K&N air filter. Please notice in the last picture the can of DW40 on Nico’s left hand. Throughout the afternoon, Nico “obsessively” sprayed every single bolt, clamp, plastic cover, etc. with DW40. The guy is crazy about the stuff (especially when he does not have to pay for it)! When we were done and started the bike, plumes of smoke (burned DW40, probably very toxic) rose from the entire bike.