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A challenge for those who go, a dream for those who stay behind / Un desafío para los que parten, un sueño para los que se quedan” ~ Thierry Sabine (founder of the Paris Dakar Rally)

Since Adrián and I decided to take this trip I have been reading travelogs in search of motorcycle travel wisdom. There are many truly inspiring reports on journeys around the globe. Some of these trips, like the adventures of solo motorcyclist Nick Sanders, have been captured in books and movies. In my search for motorcycle traveling advice, I have honed in on four trips involving extensive travels in the Americas.

The first one is a trip by Martin and his buddy Don, two Americans who, in 2008-2009, rode two Kawasaki KLR650s from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska to Ushuaia at the Southern tip of Argentina. Actually they went from Colorado to Alaska to Ushuaia (and back). A total of 43,300 miles. I invite you to read Marty’s report Prudhoe Bay to Ushuaia and also Marty’s thread at KLR650.NET.

The second trip is still unfolding. Another American, “Misery Goat” (Mark), motorcycled all the way from Phoenix, Arizona to Ushuaia on a KTM 950 Superenduro. As of yesterday, Mark was in the city of San Rafael, Mendoza, hoping to catch some Dakar action (the second stage of the 2012 Dakar ended yesterday in San Rafael).  You can read about Mark’s trip on his Moto Viajero blog and his Same as it ever was … heading to Latin America thread on Adventure Rider.  It was actually Misery Goat’s first message in this thread that hooked me into following Mark on his journey. Check it out (especially if you like Talking Heads).

On early June 2011, a Danish couple from Copenhagen, Henriette and Lars, flew to the US (Alaska), bought two motorcycles, a Suzuki DR650 for Henriette and Kawasaki KLR650 for Lars, and begun to ride down the Americas (hoping to reach Ushuaia this summer). Their blog N 69° S 54° has been a joy to read. Like Adrián and I, Henriette and Lars want to follow Ruta 40 down to Patagonia. They are currently in Perú and there is a chance that we might meet on the road. You can follow Henriette and Lars also on the Adventure Rider thread Alaska to Argentina – N69S54A.

It was actually Henriette who suggested that I read Short Way Around, the travel blog of British motorcyclist Adam Lewis. Adam has been travelling since 2006, first on a 2004 BMW F650 GS and later on a 2006 Suzuki DR650, and has visited many, many countries in Europe, Asia, Oceania, and the Americas. Adam is an amazing photographer.  I strongly suggest that you take a look at his SmugMug site; you will love it.

There is quite a bit of people right now traveling on motorcycles all over the world. It is certainly safer to stay at home. Paraphrasing my cousin Carlitos Scavino, “sleeping is a pretty safe sport, legs of beds rarely brake”. I rather not. Chase your dream!