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The KLR650 is finally legal; it is registered and insured. I really like the Argentine motorcycle plates. If you bet on the plate number and win, please donate some of the money to a charity dedicated to either feed or educate children.

Yesterday we replaced the stock 15-tooth front sprocket with a Sunstar 16-tooth sprocket secured with an Eagle Mike prevailing torque nut (torqued to 72 ft/lb according to the Clymer Manual specifications and Eagle Mike’s recommendation to follow the KLR manual).  Jorge “Pata” Castelli kindly lent us the torque wrench. We had a hard time getting the stock sprocket off until we applied liberal amounts of DW40 to clean some dirt that had accumulated on the output shaft. To replaced the sprocket we followed the Clymer Manual instructions and watched a video from the KLR650reviews.com. I like the way the bike feels with the 16-tooth sprocket installed (my 2009 has one). At speeds of 70 mph/110 kph there is a reduction of about 500 rpm and the bike seems to vibrate less.  Apparently the 16-tooth is not great if you do a lot of off-road riding.

The pictures are by my son Lucas. For some of Lucas’ great photos, check Fotos de Lucas at our Zenfolio site.  Here is a sample: