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Day 23 (Sunday February 19, 2012)  Today I stopped at the intersection of Ruta 40 and the 47th parallel south to remember my friends at Pomona College. For them this post needs no explanation but if you want to read about the connection between Pomona and the number 47 let me suggest this article at the Pomona College Magazine.

The 47th parallel south runs mainly through the Southern Hemisphere oceans. It crosses land only in Patagonia (Argentina and Chile) and at Stewart Island/Rakiura in New Zealand.  During the December solstice the sun is visible for 15 hours and 54 minutes at this latitude—during the June solstice only for 8 hours and 31 minutes.  I took pictures in all directions so you can see what is there. I had just ridden through a heavy shower but the sun came out for a few minutes when I stopped to take these shots.