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Day 4 (July 27, 2013). After visiting the three caves in the morning we drove from Lava National Monument to Crater Lake National Park. One thing we discovered in our way to Crater Lake is that Garmin sucks big time. We knew it already but we confirmed it once again. We almost run out of gas thanks to misinformation about gas stations provided by our Garmin Nuvi 2450 GPSs (with updated maps). While driving by the Upper Klamath Lake we encountered huge clouds of little insects which we collected in our bikes and helmets (see picture).  The clouds looked almost like mini tornadoes rising up into the sky. We camped at Mazama Campground at Crater NP. Unlike most campgrounds we have visited in the past, this one requires registration. That is, you have to stop at a registration kiosk before picking your camp site. We did not. We rode in, picked a nice site, unloaded the bikes, and set up camp (tent, sleeping mats, sleeping bags, cooking stuff, everything). When we went to register we were told we have to move to a different spot because the one we had chosen was reserved. “There was not sign at the post indicating that the site was reserved”, I complained. “It does not matter sir; I know the site is reserved. You have to move!” said the unfriendly lady at the kiosk.  And so we moved. Thankfully, a fellow Argentinean who was camping on a van on the campsite across from ours offered to help with the ordeal. We ended up at site E47 (the only site numbered 47 on the entire Mazama Campground—look it up Pomona College fans). After setting up camp for a second time, we went for a ride around the rim of the crater. I cannot described with words the majestic beauty Crater Lake. Look at the pictures here, or better yet, come to visit this amazing  place—and don’t forget to stop at the registration kiosk before you pitch your tent! During the ride along the rim of the crater we met a very friendly couple, Rachel and Mark from Colorado, riding a beautiful Yamaha Super Tenere. Rachel and Mark were taking their annual long motorcycle trip.  For dinner we had Beef Stroganoff. For dessert, we enjoyed cherries (kindly provided by the Argentinean who helped us move).