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Day 3 (July 26, 2013). On the third day we rode from Carson City to the Lava Beds National Monument in Northern California. We had a late start after sleeping until 8 am and having breakfast at the hotel (the worst coffee in the entire history of coffee making). Less than an hour north of Carson City we drove through Reno, Nevada. For many Argentineans 40 and older, Reno may evoke feelings of sadness.  The great Argentinean heavyweight boxer Oscar “Ringo” Bonavena (who gave tough boxing battles to both Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali) was shot and killed at the gates of the Mustang Ranch near Reno in 1976.  We continued north on route US 395 all the way to Susanville, CA. The pretty hills by the road are covered of aromatic sagebrush and juniper; Adrián noticed the sage scent and asked me what it was. At Susanville we had lunch (sandwiches and figs) under a tree on the Safeway parking lot.  We were unaware that the road ahead of us (route CA 139) was going to go through a beautiful pine forest; a much more suitable place to have lunch. We arrived at the Lava Beds National Monument with a dark sky and lightning at the distance. At the Visitor Center we were asked if in the last five years we had visited any caves in the Eastern US  or in Europe.  If we did, we would had to be screened for the fungus that gives bats the deadly white nose disease.  A park ranger recommended a few caves for us to visit and gave us a map of the area. We set camp at the Indian Well Campground and had a lovely dinner of Mountain House Beef Stroganoff. The following morning we visited three caves that were quite interesting (there are more than 700 caves in the park). We did not see any bats but had a close encounter with a very cute mouse right outside of the Indian Well Cave.

Ultimo Momento: Los ganchitos Anti Tormenta (distribuidos por Esnaola Inc.) hacen furor en los camping the EEUU.