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Day 9 (August 1, 2013). We woke up today with the sound of drops sporadically hitting the fly. Adrián took a quick peek out to confirm it was beginning to rain. It was around 6:15 am.  At that point the rain was very light so we decided to pick up camp as fast as we could before everything got really wet. We quickly worked inside the tent to stuff the sleeping bags into their compression sacks and to deflate, fold and roll the sleeping mats (Exped Synmat 9). By the time we came out of the tent, however, it was clear that the sky was not covered and that it was not going to rain after all.  Drops were still falling but they were blown by the wind from the pine trees around us. We made coffee, packed the bikes, and left camp at around 7:30 am. We did not know it then but we had more than 12 hours of riding ahead of us. We drove very carefully first because the road was wet. We stopped for gas at the Sourdough Lodge in Lowman where several patrons were having breakfast. We continued on ID 21 stopping once in a while to rest or take pictures of the impressive peaks of the Sawtooth Range. At around 11 am we reached the town of Stanley, ID, and decided to take a detour to visit Sunbeam on route ID 75. The twisty road follows the Salmon River where many people were fishing.  At Sunbeam we took a picturesque road that goes north next to the Yankee Fork. After the asphalt gave way to gravel we turned around and drove back to Stanley where we ate a yogurt and checked the pressure of the tires. We continued south on ID 75 hoping to find a campground to spend the night. It was quite windy and the air was warm. We stopped at the Alturas Lakes area and had some sardines and almonds at a picnic table. We checked a few of the campgrounds but did not find any that we liked so by 4:30 pm we were all the way down to Ketchum by the Sun Valley ski resort.  We had an ice cream while we rested and discussed what to do next. Since we were already out of the mountains we decided to push forward and spend the night at a motel in Rexburg, ID (approximately 170 miles away).  In the way there we visited the Craters of the Moon National Monument.  We had already seen so many lava fields in our trip that I did not expect to be amazed by yet another volcanic area. Well, I was wrong. Unlike the other areas we visited, Craters of the Moon has lava that looked very young; the melting dark chocolate kind of lava that one sees in the big island of Hawaii. I wished we had more time to spend at Craters but we had to move on because it was getting late. We made a rest stop at Arco, ID (our butts were hurting so much we did not know how to sit on the bikes anymore). From Arco we took ID 22 to Howe, and then crossed straight east to Rexburg on route ID 33. We reached the town at about 8 pm to discover that all the motels in the area were full. There was not a single room available. Our only option at that point was to go south towards Idaho Falls, that is, to go in the opposite direction of Yellowstone. I made a few phone calls and was able to make a reservation for a suite—the only room available—at the Best Western plus Cotton Tree Inn in Idaho Falls. We arrived at the hotel at 9 pm after being on our bikes for more than 12 hours. Luckily the Jacuzzi in our lovely suite helped us relax our sore muscles. For dinner we had burgers at the Outback Steakhouse near the hotel (we got there 15 minutes before closing time).