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Day 14 (August 6, 2013). We left Gros Ventre this morning in the direction of Rock Springs, WY. We spent a little over an hour at a café in Jackson so I could update the blog. We felt obliged to purchase something so we shared a piece of yummy vanilla cheesecake. While I was working on the blog Adrián went to the town square to take some pictures. After I finished with the blog we went to get provisions and then rode south on US-89 to Alpine, WY. The road follows the Snake River flanked by mountains covered with pines. Lots of people were floating the river on boats, kayaks, and rafts. Few of them were fly fishing but many were just floating for fun. After Alpine, US-89 leaves the Snake and follows the Salt River through a fertile agricultural valley where there are several little towns. At the largest of them, Afton, we got gas. At the end of the valley US-89 climbs up to the Salt River Pass (7,630 feet / 2,325 meters). A few miles south of the pass, we stopped to have lunch at the Allred Flat Campground. We found a table shaded by tall Lodgepole pines and had a nice lunch (slices of a prosciutto and mozzarella roll on crackers).  As we were walking back to the bikes to leave we heard the sound of falling timber behind us. We turned around and saw a big pine—at least 20 meters tall—coming down to the ground very quickly.  We were quite shaken. We went to inspect the tree and found two death pines on the ground. One of them had been cut with a chain saw and the other was broken at the base of the trunk. A forest service guy who was at the campground suggested that the one that had been cut was probably resting on the one that broke naturally. If you ever go to that lovely campground, do not camp under dead pines; there are plenty of healthy pines and aspen. South of the Salt River Range the landscape gets dry. It was windy and hot today. We stopped to rest several times. At one stop Adrián was fascinated by a long train with two locomotives pulling 74 wagons each carrying two long containers.  We went through Kemmerer, WY, where we rode through an area with hundreds of gas extraction plants. If you have not done it yet, you should watch the movies Gasland and Gasland II to learn about the drilling for gas using the highly contaminating method of fracking. Hopefully you will get mad and realize that the presumably patriotic politicians of this country are controlled by corporations. Corporations that have no problem contaminating and destroying our natural resources (in this case water and soil) as long as they can make money. We arrived at Rock Springs at around 5:30 pm.  We stayed at a Super 8 Motel. For dinner we had a cobb salad with a Los Alamos Malbec.