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Day 15 (August 7, 2013). Today we floated seven miles of the Green River down from the Flaming Gorge Dam in Utah. I had done this several years ago with Lucas and Lucía and it was a lot of fun. We left Rock Springs in the morning after getting coffee at Starbucks (the coffee at the motel was impassable) and got to Dutch John at around noon. The ride on US 191 was very pleasant. After getting a campsite at Mustang Ridge Campground we rode to the Flaming Gorge Resort to rent a raft.  The service for the raft includes a ride to the launching site on the river near the dam and a ride back from the take-out site at Little Hole. We were on the water by 1 pm and out by 6:30 pm. I was very keen to do this float with Adrián because I knew he would like it. I was also excited because we have been carrying a fly fishing rod all this time and this was the place to use it. This section of the Green River is quite beautiful. The river goes through a canyon of red sandstone with steep walls peppered with pines. The water is completely transparent and the trout are plentiful. As soon as we got into the river I realized that everybody was nymphing. I was a bit worried because we had only carried dry flies. I will let the photos described the float—which was great. I will mention that our rafting technique needs some improvement. We are not good at detecting barely submerged rocks. Regarding the fishing, we used a fly made of synthetic maroon fiber that I had tied many years ago. I was hoping the ugly fly would get wet and sink resembling a nymph, but the fly did not sink at all. It was very effective though so I may have to give it a name. The rod was a Sage TXL-F 7’10, 3 weight. By the time we got to the end of the float we were both very happy we had done this. The trip to this part of Utah was not part of the original itinerary so I am glad that the little detour paid off. The driver who picked us up at the end of the float at Little Hole was a very friendly young man, Trevor from Logan, UT. Trevor once hit a deer near Park City, UT, riding his dad’s motorcycle. He had a broken wrist and a concussion. He was quite interested in our journey because he is hoping to take a long motorcycle trip one day.  For now, however, Trevor and his wife are planning to start college this coming fall. That night at the Mustang Ridge we had ramen for dinner and enjoyed a lovely evening talking about our wondeful float on the Green.