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Day 22 (August 14, 2013). There are only 60 miles from the Calf Creek Campground at Staircase-Escalante National Monument to Bryce National Park. It was a beautiful morning so the ride was very pleasant. We got to Bryce early enough that we had no problem getting a site at the North Campground.  After setting up the tent we went for a walk at the rim of the canyon. Adrián and I visited Bryce together exactly 20 years ago when he helped me moved all my stuff in a U-haul truck from New York to Irvine where I was starting my postdoc at UCI.  This time we both felt the same sense of awe that we felt back then when we first looked at the amazing shapes of the eroded towers of Bryce Canyon. I think that pictures fail to portrait the beauty of Bryce. The place looks great in photographs but it is even better “in person”. That afternoon we drove all the way to Rainbow Point. It was actually relatively cold when the road started gaining in altitude.  In the way back to camp we saw a few pronghorns, an antelope-like creature endemic to parts of North America. We took a lot of pictures that we hope you enjoy. For dinner we had Mountain House Spaghetti with Meat Sauce.