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Day 25 (August 17, 2013). Today was our last day on the trip. We got home at around 3:30 pm after riding approximately 210 miles on route US-395 from Lone Pine, CA. We started the day in an unusual way. We normally have just coffee for breakfast but to celebrate our last day on the road I took Adrián to the Alabama Hills Café in Lone Pine to experience a real American breakfast: scrambled eggs with stuff. My friend Bill Swartz took me for breakfast to the Café a few months ago and I really liked it. Bill and I came through Lone Pine to visit some of the oldest trees on the planet at the Bristlecone Pine Forest. After breakfast Adrián and I went back to the hotel to finish packing and then rode to the Alabama Hills and the Whitney Portal. Mount Whitney is the highest summit in the contiguous United States with an elevation of 14,505 feet (4,421 m). The Whitney Portal (just 12 miles from Lone Pine) provides the main access to the peak. The road to the Portal goes through the Alabama Hills, a popular filming location for movies and TV shows. The Long Ranger (known as “El Llanero Solitario” in Spanish) was filmed there. Recently, Quentin Tarantino filmed scenes of Django Unchained in the Alabama Hills.  After taking a few pictures at the Hills and the Portal we rode south on US-395 first bordering the Sierras and later through the Mojave Desert. We stopped to rest at the Shell Gas Station in Pearsonville where we had a Naked Mighty Mango juice.  From there we rode straight to Kramer Junction (US 395 & CA 58) where we got for gas for the last time. We had stopped there to get gas on the first day of our trip. Unfortunately our favorite palo verde tree had been taken by Harleys so we had to park under the shade of a different one. We rested for a while and then rode home. As usual, coming down El Cajón Pass under windy conditions and among fast cars and trucks was a bit scary. We were very happy when we finally got home safe after covering 4,800 miles (7,725 km) through so many amazing places. This is a trip that neither of us will ever forget. I hope you enjoyed following us.