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Days 20, 21 & 22 (February 27, 28 & March 1, 2014) After spending two days visiting my friends Hector and Sylvia (and Andrés, the oldest of their two children) we rode the last 730 kilometers of our trip. My KLR almost run out of gas near Marcos Juarez (Córdoba). I rode the bike until exhausting the gas in both the tank and the reserve. Adrián and I had to lean the bike over to the left side to allow the fuel caught on the right side of the tank to flow over to the left (where the petcock is). That maneuver provided enough gas to ride to a gas station in Marcos Juarez.

Throughout this long day of riding we took a few breaks to rest and to get gas. The last rest stop was in the town of Navarro, barely 35 kilometers from home. As we were entering General Las Heras and riding by the house where we grew up we saw our dad sitting on the porch. We stop to say hi and then rode to Adrián house, our point of departure 22 days ago. We covered more than 7,130 kilometers through some amazing landscapes in Chile and Argentina. We met wonderful people; we visited dear friends. Our sister Mariel was in our minds every minute of this unforgettable adventure.