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Canada 2015. Days 26 (Aug 24, 2015). We left Point Reyes in the morning at around 10 am. We got gas in town and then took CA-1 south (CA-1 is known as the Shoreline Highway in this neck of the woods). We wanted to spend some time riding in Marin County before crossing the Golden Gate Bridge. A layman’s reading of the maps of this area led me to suspect that this segment of CA-1 is pretty much following San Andreas Fault from Port Reyes Station all the way to the Bolinas Lagoon. Even with that thought in mind, the ride was quite nice in the cool morning. At the Bolinas Lagoon CA-1 runs very close to the water (there is even some flooding warning signs on the road). At Stinson Beach we turned left onto Panoramic Highway, a beautiful ride despite the fact that locals—who presumably know all the turns—drive through it very fast and with very little patience for the slow driving visitors who are trying to enjoy the gorgeous scenery. We rode on Panoramic Highway to the intersection with Muir Woods Road. We took Muir Woods Road all the way back to CA-1 but in the way there we stop to go for a walk among the lovely redwoods that grow along Redwood Creek at the Muir Woods National Monument. This is a lovely place to enjoy the beauty of the giants. Sadly the creek is almost dry because of the drought. I wanted to show Adrián some banana slugs but we could not find any. We took CA-1 to US-101 and headed south towards San Francisco. We turned off the freeway onto Conzelman Road at the last exit before the bridge. We followed the road all the way to the Point Bonita Lighthouse stopping frequently to take photos of the Golden Gate Bridge. From the lighthouse we went to Rodeo Cove and then took Bunker Road all the way to the freeway (US-101 and CA-1 overlap here). We crossed the Golden Gate Bridge looking up and admiring its structure. It is a quite impressive 2 km-long suspension bridge and has become one of the most recognized symbols of San Francisco. Building the bridge was apparently a pain in the neck. After crossing the bridge we continued on CA-1 in the direction of Pacifica, CA. We tried to avoid cities as much as possible and San Francisco was not exception. From Pacifica we rode to Montara, CA, and then to Half Moon Bay. We wanted to find a place to eat and we finally stop near Pescadero State Beach. We sat at a picnic table with a lovely view of the ocean. The main dish was beef jerky with crackers. For dessert we had dried apricots and almonds. We stop again in Santa Cruz and then continued south towards Marina, CA. There was a lot of rush hour traffic between Santa Cruz and Watsonville. We know this area relatively well because we have stayed in Watsonville several times before when we came to MotoGP races at Laguna Seca, near Monterrey. We arrived in Marina at 5 pm and checked in at the Holliday Inn Express and Suites Marina. Our room was right across the fitness room so Adrián felt compelled to exercise for a while. For dinner we went to the Kula Ranch Island Steakhouse but we do not recommend it. The food was mediocre and expensive and the beer selection very poor—to the point that we had water with our meal.

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