1. Coleman Exponent Feather 442 Dual-Fuel Stove (runs with gas)
  2. First Aid Kit
  3. MSR Alpine cooking set (1.5L pot, 2L pot,  lid/plate, pot handle, and stuff sack).
  4. Bucket (yellow, collapsible)
  5. Petzl head lamp
  6. Katadyn water filter
  7. Fabric coffee filter (kept in ziplock bag)
  8. Plastic coffee mug
  9. Detergent
  10. Soto pocket torch (or matches)
  11. Plastic knife, fork, and spoon
  12. 3M Dobie cleaning pad (the best!)
  13. Swiss Army Knife (with corkscrew and can opener)

Other items not shown

  1. Platypus Hoser (3L; to carry water) or Platypus 4L tank
  2. REI MultiTowel Lite (quick-drying)